My name is David Cassel. I’ve heard it said that on average, students have 3 majors during college. Not me. I picked my career when I was 11. That was the year I started learning programming, and that interest turned into my profession. I’ve worked for companies ranging in size from 15 people to 145,000. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in grad school. Until August 2009, I was trying to launch a startup on the side from my full-time job. Through it all, I’ve maintained that you learn from everything you do.

One of my best teachers taught me that you know you understand something when you can explain it to someone else. This blog is my way of making sure I understand what I’ve learned about being a software developer. Leave me a comment and let me know if I’ve explained it understandably.

My blog started as a way to reflect on what I’d learned from my foray into software entrepreneurism, but since then, I’ve switched gears. Now that I’m working for MarkLogic, I’ll be posting things I figure out about XQuery, JavaScript, CSS and other bits I learn in the process of helping customers solve their problems using MarkLogic Server.

You can contact me at dmcassel at gmail or check out my profile at LinkedIn.