MarkLogic on $40 per month

Author: Dave Cassel  |  Category: Entrepreneurism

Update (8 Mar 2012): Amazon has changed their prices again. Let’s see what the math tells us now. These numbers assume you want to run a web site 24×7, using the Heavy Utilization pricing on Reserved instances: Small: ($195 + $0.016/hour * 8760 hours/year) / 12 months = $27.93 per month Large: ($780 + $0.064/hour * 8760 […]

MarkLogic and the Amazon API

Author: Dave Cassel  |  Category: Software Development

I’ve been working with MarkLogic Server for more than a year now, and one thing I’ve enjoyed is how easy it makes some things that used to be hard (or at least, harder). But there are some thing that the MLS API doesn’t provide. What to do? Run back to LAMP? No, no, no. Delegate. […]