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Author: Dave Cassel  |  Category: Career

I’ve got a new focus — I’m now the Developer Community Manager for MarkLogic. I’m really excited about this – it’s a chance to work with a growing community of great developers.

My new goal, in a nutshell, is to increase the community of developers who know how to work with MarkLogic. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, involving outreach, learning materials, field-developed tools, and so on. Several people have been kind enough to share with me what they’d like to see. I welcome that, keep it coming.

My publishing efforts will shift largely to the MarkLogic Developer site. I’ll still write something up here sometimes, but look for more to happen over there.

I look forward to working with the larger developer community in the years to come!


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  1. shashidhar rao Says:

    Hi David,

    Sorry to bother you with something that I shouldn’t be asking here but I am helpless.

    I have to show a demo on Spring and Marklogic, and I found one application Top songs from Marklogic devlopment site and it is hosted in github. I downloaded and created eclipse application but somehow it is missing some files like search.html and login.html files
    can you please help me from where I can find these files. I really need these files urgently.

    Thanks in advance. Please give me some links


  2. Dave Cassel Says:

    Hi Sashi,

    Two good ways to get help with MarkLogic applications on GitHub: first, open a GitHub ticket, so that the maintainer is aware of the problem. Second, write to

    As to your particular question, I’m not familiar with that version of Top Songs, but I’ll forward it along to someone who might. In the meantime, please take a look at Samplestack and see whether that meets your needs (requires MarkLogic 8):

  3. shashi Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your reply , it really helped me a lot after seeing Samplestack project.

    Few clarifications
    1. Will this work for Marklogic 7 as well, I tried to run it in Marklogic 7 but didn’t quite succeed. Is there a way out.

    2. All I need is a J2EE stack. Can you please suggest me a site where the search page and facets are written in JSP/JS.Although the above application search page is in html and js and is quite close to my requirements.

    3. Is it possible to write the entire search page with facets entirely written in jsp/js and not with xquery. Because there are other features which require interaction with spring code in the middle layer and I don’t know how xquery will invoke spring java code.

    Please help me.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Dave Cassel Says:

    Samplestack is built on MarkLogic 8. I don’t know what features might not work on MarkLogic 7, but 8 should be available in the near future.

    I’ve never worked with JSP. I suggest asking your question on Stack Overflow (tagged with MarkLogic) — you’ll more likely get a response from someone with the right experience.

  5. shashidhar rao Says:

    Hi David,

    Can you please help me with this queries

    1. Top N words in a documents
    2. Phrase queries like e.g I want to give nokia as the query search and I want to get something like Nokia model 214 or Nokia lumia 996 at least 3 words, is it possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Dave Cassel Says:

    Shashi, for top n words, take a look at cts:words (

    I’m not sure what you mean by the second question. If you do a cts:word-search for ‘nokia’, you will find documents that have both of those references.

  7. shashidhar rao Says:

    Hi David,

    I really don’t know if it is possible of not in Marklogic 7 or not , if it possible please give some links as I am not finding it .

    The use case is like this: Given a string say ‘walking’ which is contained in let’s say 10 documents. I have to show 5 phrases contained in these 10 documents such as ‘walking is great’ , walking in night’ , ‘walking slowly nicely’, finest ever walking, etc . Basically given a string I have to get a two or three words before this string ‘walking’ or two or three such words after this string to make a valid phrase.

  8. raj Says:

    Hello David,

    I am very new to ML and have very silly question as below.

    How to get list of uris, which has an element named “”?

    As we are able to get list of doc which has word “lisa” using below cts query.
    So how can get list of doc/uris which has element “”?


  9. Dave Cassel Says:

    Your element name got lost (WordPress thinks it’s HTML, so it disappears). So let’s say you want to get URIs of documents that have an element with localname “foo”.

    cts:uris((), (), cts:element-query(xs:QName("foo"), cts:true-query()))

    You’ll find more explanation of this in this recipe: Find documents that do NOT have an element. It’s the opposite of what you’re trying to do, and will run a search for documents instead of just URIs, but pretty similar regardless.

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