Announcing Roxy 1.4

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I just sent this out to the Roxy mailing list.

Hello all,

I’m happy to announce Roxy 1.4 has just moved up to the master branch. That means lots of new features when you create a new project, without having to specify the dev branch.

$ ml new my-app --server-version=6 --app-type=hybrid

Roxy 1.4 added several features related to the REST API, and introduced the rest and hybrid application types. The Roxy deployer now supports additional commands: capture and upgrade, as well having additional capabilities while bootstrapping your project. The documentation has improved, including the beginning of a series of video tutorials about how to use Roxy.

New work will continue on the dev branch as Roxy 1.5. Submit a ticket for features or tutorials you’d like to see. Commenting on existing tickets lets us know what’s important.

Here’s the full change log for version 1.4 (closed tickets):

New Features

  • #63 Use –app-type parameter with ml new to create mvc, rest, or hybrid apps
  • #82 Use Corb with the deployer
  • #88 Deploy REST API extensions
  • #90 Allowed setting rewriter and error handler to blank
  • #92 Scaffolding for REST API extensions
  • #94 Create ODBC app servers
  • #97 Added a test-authentication-method property, allowing for different methods between test and main
  • #101 Deploy schemas command
  • #102 Hide password characters as they are typed
  • #103 Bootstrap an HTTP server with SSL
  • #107 Deploy REST API transformations
  • #108 Create skeleton REST API transformations
  • #112 Added ml capture command
  • #113 Override response types
  • #117 Support new ML7 database settings
  • #120 Require server-version parameter for ml new/init
  • #121 Added “ml upgrade” command


Resolved Issues

  • #93 Fixed the deployer so it works with ML7 EA1.
  • #97 Test app server now gets same config as the main one, except where differentiated
  • #104 Deployer was ignoring the forest-data-dir property
  • #110 Updated bootstrap procedure to work with new ML7 endpoint
  • #118 Apply field settings
  • #119 Make Roxy more forgiving about import error
  • #123 Accept a broader range of affirmative responses when upgrading
  • #124 Fixed corb integration bug
  • #126 Don’t overwrite application/custom when running “ml capture”


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