Losing my senses

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Today for a while I was without Internet access and I had this sensation I’ve noticed before, and mentioned to a few people: I’ve gotten to the point where being cut off from the Internet is like losing one of my senses. Not always… if I’m on a mountain trail somewhere, I’m not worried about checking my gmail. But if I’m trying to do something in my everyday life, and I have to do it without my iPhone or laptop or something, I feel a little handicapped.

This may be a sign of addiction. :)


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  1. Boots Cassel Says:

    Your sentiment is very mildly expressed, I think. I left my iPhone home by accident in August and was amazed at how awful the prospect of 3 days without it seemed. And I had the iPad! and I rarely make phone calls. The problem was that I would not have something with me all the time that connects to the world. Addiction? Perhaps. Or maybe adaptation to a newer way of relating to the broader world. How did I ever get anywhere before I had a gps and maps on the phone? What was it like not to have regular updates on what my children and grandchildren are doing and thinking, as shared on Facebook? etc.

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